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Reboot, Shutdown, Respring, and more, easily!

Supports iOS 8.0-iOS 14+

Reboot, Shutdown, Respring, and Refresh SpringBoard without MobileSubstrate or Substitute!

Going into Safe Mode and entering Non-MobileSubstrate Mode by respringing requires MobileSubstrate, but it is not a requirement for PowerApp.

Donate! This app will stay free and without ads, so this would be greatly appreciated.

PayPal: CashApp: $Dave1482

What's New

  • Added dark mode back to Settings (< iOS 13)
  • Added links for all 4 main package managers when checking for updates or downloading ldRun • Added alternate app icons (iOS 10.3+)
  • Added quick action icons (iOS 9+)
  • Added Developer section to Settings
  • Added Donation link to Settings (PayPal)
  • Added option to customize button borders
  • Added option for automatic theme changing (iOS 13+)
  • Settings now properly fills screen
  • Reintroduced Settings scrolling
  • Developer Information alert changes
  • Added a “First Launch” information alert
  • Changed Check for Update Alert to Action Sheets on supported devices
  • Disabled Soft Reboot for certain jailbreaks
  • Added ldRun button for certain jailbreaks
  • Only recolor app if light theme was changed
  • Code optimizations
  • Bug Fixes
6.0 Version
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dave1482 Developer

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