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Enable iPhone X HomeGestures on other devices.

Get the iPhone X Experience without the ridiculous cost!

  • Enable iPhone X HomeGestures on non-X devices.
  • Blacklist certain apps from gestures from being enabled.
  • The best way to get the iPhone X feel without having an iPhone X.

Please submit all issues and translations to my github. I am planning to add a statusbar blacklist in a future update.

SparkApplist is still currently used. SparkApplist is available on Sparks Repo (Cydia Link).

Special thanks to Duraid Abdul.

HomeGesture is licensed under the GPL3.0 License, and its source code can be found here.

What's New

  • Pulled in Downstream changes from Neptune
  • Stability Fixes
  • LockScreen button fixed?

Known Issues

  • Disabling Gestures may break opening CC
  • Status Bar has glitches in CC Transition
  • iOS 12 does not support the blacklist currently
  • iPhone X Status Bar to fallback will glitch, its a known bug. Please stop emailing me about this.
  • SparkApplist is used. SparkApplist is available on Sparks Repo (Cydia Link).
2.1.4 Version
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