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Saadat Baig



AIO Glyph Package

High Quality Glyphs, made for your iDevice

  • Includes 3 different Themes
    • White regular Glyphs (known as WhiteOut)
    • PITCH BLACK Glyphs (known as BlaccOut)
    • Gradient Glyphs (known as HueMe)
  • Individual Themes have 180+ icons
    • Gradient Glyphs upto 1k+ in total!
  • Includes a Folder-Mask to make Folder-BG Transparent
  • Fits with many setups and suitable for minimalists
  • Supports both Anemone and SnowBoard!

But will it get updates????

Yes! Themes are powered by the community, please feel free to @ me on Twitter or mail me your icon requests. Also, if you have a setup with them, why not show me that too? :-) I can work on them depending when I have time between University, Work & Family.

But I have seen these before and they’re paid?

No worries, I am the original author of them. They’re now deprecated. I’m maintaining them as one collective Theme now.

Please Enjoy! Twitter:

What's New

  • Initial Release. Enjoy!
1.0 Version
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