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Dismiss your alerts by simply tapping anywhere else on the screen

Dismisser allows you to make your alerts more simple and easy to use!


  • Easily dismiss your alerts
    • Simply tapping tap else on the screen to dismiss the alert
  • Simplify your alerts
    • Remove the cancel button by enabling ‘Remove cancel buttons’ in Dismisser’s Preferences
  • Simple preferences
    • Dismisser’s preference pane is simple and easy to use, and also doesn’t require a respring to put your changes into effect
  • Works in all of your favourite apps!
    • As of Update 1.1, Dismisser now supports all of your favourite apps!


  • Dismisser is open source, be sure to check out the code if you’re interested.
  • If you have an issue, create an issue here.
  • Dismisser is the successor to DismissAnywhere, I would like to thank the developer for the concept

What's New

Dismisser 1.1 is now here, with new features and bug fixes!

  • Add support for apps
  • Fix SpringBoard freezing with alerts dispatched from tweaks
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements
1.1 Version
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