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arm64 Dualboots/Tethered Downgrades on device!

Divisé is a Coolbooter-esque app which is capable of arm64 Dualboots and Tethered Downgrades, all from within the app! Checkm8 is used to tether boot the second OS, after dualbooting/tether downgrading.

Ramiel on macOS is required to boot the second OS. Get it here!

Divisé is a fork of Succession (made by samg_is_a_ninja), and it’s source code is available here!. Feel free to open pull requests/issues for anything!

What's New

  • Fix downloads being broken on iOS 14 devices
  • Ensure that /S/L/C/ gets copied to the second OS if present

Known Issues

  • Extracting a locally downloaded IPSW will crash the app, even when the extraction is successful
  • VoiceOver breaks the second Data partition (VoiceOver support is disabled to prevent this)
1.1.2 Version
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