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Drag down from the top of settings to respring

Dragspring is the successor to PullToRespring, it adds a quick respring action to the Settings App to respring with ease.


  • Optimised for the latest iOS
    • Dragspring looks the best on the latest iOS versions, it uses newer APIs to ensure that you are getting the best viewing experience when using it, allowing for custom spinner subtitles and more.
  • Custom commands
    • You can do other things than just respring! You can change the command used in the Dragspring Preferences
    • You can chose from the 3 preset commands, or you can enter a custom one!
      • You can also run multiple commands, like this: uicache -a && sbreload.
  • Custom subtitles
    • Dragspring allows you to put custom text before the action is running and while the action is running.
    • This could be something like ‘Respring?’ and ‘Respringing…’ or ‘UICache?’ and ‘Running UICache!’


What's New

Dragspring 2.1 is here with some new features and bug fixes!

  • Custom commands don’t need to specify the full path
    • For example, /usr/bin/uicache -a can now be uicache -a
  • Add support for multiple custom commands
    • This is done with && between commands, example: uicache -a && sbreload
  • Fix user-space reboot defined command sometimes not completing
  • Minor bug fixes

Thanks for reporting bugs everyone! :)

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