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Customise your notification badges for free

Introducing Pastel

Pastel is a free tweak to add colour to your notification badges

Pastel will automatically select the most prominent colour in the app icon and it will set the badge colour to it, you can also select a custom text colour and a custom badge colour with Pastel!

With Pastel, you can make your Home Screen look fluid and clean.

(The theme featured in the screenshots is kindaStock


I would like to thank NoisyFlake for improving the average colour calculation code

What's New

The version 1.2 contains the following changes:

  • Fixed colour calculation with glyphs (thanks NoisyFlake)
  • Add border colour option
  • Fix crash when 3D touching on a folder with a badge
  • Performance Improvements
1.2 Version
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ConorTheDev Developer

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