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Pokémon style notifications!

Supports iOS 12 and 13.

Pokébox brings a Pokémon-esque style to your notifications, featuring dark mode, animated text, and more!

Customizable options

Pokébox includes many options in order for you to configure it just to your liking, including:

  • Font
  • Title/text size
  • Background style
  • Banner animation
  • Text animation
  • And more!

Preferences are configurable through the bundle in settings.

Open Source

Pokébox is open source on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!

If you have bugs that you want fixed, creating an issue on the GitHub repo is the best way to report them.

What's New

  • Support for ColorBanners and ColorMeNotifs
  • Added style override selection
  • New option to hide notification icon
  • Much better iOS 12 support
  • Bug fixes and improvements
1.0.1 Version
Free Price
Skitty Developer

Help with Pokébox

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