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Intrusive call interface? Say no more.

Intrusive call interface? Say no more.

Scorpion replaces the stock call UI with a sleek and unobtrusive design. It supports standard calls, FaceTime audio and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, etc. The tweak only covers a small portion of your screen, while letting you continue what you’re doing.


Scorpion comes with multiple (currently 7) visually appealing and modern styles to choose from, that allows the user to create a call experience that best adapts to their needs. A wide variety of customizations are available that allows users to create a unique call UI. From color to animations; from call handling to gestures. The tweak was designed with user freedom in mind. You can customize color backgrounds, popup location, transitions, etc.

In-call controls

Scorpion provides the same controls as the stock call UI and seamlessly adapt them to different use cases such as multiples calls or VoIP calls.


  • Customization
    • Adaptive or Custom theme
    • 7 incoming banner styles
    • Top and bottom positioning
    • OLED notification at lockscreen
    • Page dots in in-call banner
  • Call handling
    • Dismissing behaviors: none, suppress ringtone, decline call
    • Auto answer call from a specific contact
    • Blacklist apps to not show Scorpion
  • Miscellaneous
  • Banners gestures
  • Quick actions menu
  • Taptic/haptic configuration
  • Auto choose speaker when incoming or outgoing calls
  • Use at lockscreen
  • Show SIM localizer (SIM card being used)
  • Vibrate on connected call
  • Vibrate on disconnected call
  • Use WhatsApp contact photo


  • Scorpion supports only iOS 13 to 14
  • FaceTime video call is not supported. Stock UI will be used instead

What's New

  • Added support to iOS14
  • Fixed in-call controls not working every time
  • Fixed a Phone app crash
  • Fixed minor bugs when receiving more than one call
  • Removed libMRYIPC dependency
  • Completely refactored Scorpion’s source code
  • Scorpion now support using UI themes (i.e Reva UI) for the buttons. No need to configuration for this
  • Banner will adapt better to all types of screens and devices (except iPad)
  • You can now see the ‘Auto Answer’ contact you picked
  • Outgoing call will now show the stuck UI to go in par with Apple’s design/flow. An option may be added in the future to select the default UI for outgoing calls

Known Issues

  • It is now an issue, but landscape mode is not supported yet.
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