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Snooze notifications. Focus on what matters⏱


With Selenium, users can snooze notifications, which causes them to disappear for a chosen period of time before reappearing. Notifications reappear at the same place they first appeared at, with an indicator to let you know they where snoozed. Snoozing notifications will be persistent through resprings.


• Snooze notifications until a specific date.

• Snooze notifications for a chosen amount of time.

• Persistence through resprings, reboots (in jailbroken mode).

• Tap to change option appear after snoozing.

• Deliver notifications quietly while playing music or video.

Snooze notifications until I leave this location (experimental).

Snooze notifications until I arrive to a location (experimental).

• Supports localization for English, Hebrew, French, and German.

How it works

Selenium is based on code from several open-source tweaks, including Dune, QuietDown and more with the actual notification snoozing being managed by Axon library combined with PCSimpleTimer.

Selenium is open-sourced as well.

Future Plans

• Snooze incoming notifications while DND is on.

• Simplifying the menu to make a more user-friendly experience (WIP).

• Improve location-based features reliability.

What's New

Release v1.2.1 removes experimental location features in order to fix a problem where Unc0ver users weren’t able to install release v1.2.0. No changes otherwise.

Location features will be re-enabled in a future update, once a less ‘hacky’ way to enable location services support is found.

New Features

• Snoozed notifications can now appear prominently - sounds, banners, screen turns on, and notifications goes to lock screen instead of notification center!

• Prevents the screen from automatically turn off as long as any menu is still open.

• Improved performance and timer accuracy.

• Significantly improved battery life - battery life now should have minimal to no impact (guaranteed only for time-based snoozing; location-based is still in testing and might need some tuning).

Added location-based notification snoozing option (experimental).

New “location” indicator for notifications snoozed by location (experimental).

Bug Fixes

• Prevent snoozed indicator from appearing as grouped notifications title.

• Fixed a bug in v1.1.0 and v1.1.1 where “Snoozed” indicator might not be persistent.

• Fixed a bug where snoozing a notification, and performing a respring afterwards, will prevent the device from going into deep sleep until there are no snoozing notifications. This also fixes compatibility issues with Puck, SafeShutdown, Sentinel.

• Improved translations.

• Some preferences will now apply without a respring.

Known Issues

Location-based snoozing might not pop your notification again - if you choose to try it, use with caution. Turning the feature off in Settings should bring back your missing notifications.

“Tap To Change” will not appear after location-based snoozing.

• “Tap To Change” will not show the day when snoozing to a specific date.

• When snoozing a notification with Axon Reborn, the notification count will not update until you choose another app, or re-open Notification Center / Lock Screen.

• Clear all notifications in Axon Reborn might cause SpringBoard to crash.

Sometimes when the notification cell is behind the menu, the notification cell image inside the menu will load incorrectly Fixed in v1.1.0 for individual notifications.

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