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Hide your app labels when not scrolling

ShyLabels makes your homescreen more simplistic, whilst keeping the essential function of the app label.


  • Temporarily hide your app labels
    • Your app labels will automatically hide after a certain amount of time that can be adjusted in Preferences
  • Works with CozyBadges
    • ShyLabels works with CozyBadges, so the notification count will still show if the app or folder has pending notifications


  • ShyLabels is open source, be sure to check out the code if you’re interested.
  • If you have an bug, create an issue here.
  • ShyLabels was originally made by NoisyFlake, this was made and approved by NoisyFlake himself before publishing

What's New

ShyLabels 1.4 is here with bug fixes & more:

  • Fix issues with labels not hiding or showing
  • Fix glitchy folder labels
  • Fix context menu not hiding label again sometimes
  • Add option to disable in folders
  • Performance improvements
    • Developer speak: “layoutSubviews bad”

Thanks for the bug reports, and sorry about the bugs in 1.3.1, I hope this resolves your issues!

1.4 Version
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