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Play your favorite Wii songs inside of any app.

Nostalgia. At it’s finest.

Wiivamp emulates the classic Wii channel music, right on your iOS device. Pick from any of the songs to play in any of your desired apps.

Want the Wii Shop Channel inside of the App Store.

Do it!

Want the Homebrew Channel music inside Sileo or Cydia?

Go for it.

Music Selection

Currently, the available music is: Wii Shop Channel, Mii Channel, Weather Channel, Homebrew Channel, Photo Channel, News Channel, Check Mii Out Channel, Wii Fit “Yoga” music, and the Wii main menu music (plus the scroll sound!)

Source code available here:

What's New

Hello everyone! Welcome to Wiivamp 4.0

This update was developed in part with Litten, who helped add many new features + iOS 13 support

!! NEW !!

  • iOS 13 support
  • Main menu theme
  • Scroll theme
  • Custom volume
  • Pause Wii music while music is playing
  • New design!

Known Issues

As of now there are no known issues! Feel free to open an issue at if you find one.

4.0 Version
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Help with Wiivamp

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